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If you are interested, please follow the instructions below to create a fundraising page that can be shared to raise money for the All Ability Tri4Youth.

Through your fundraising page you can let friends, family, teachers, and anyone you’d like track your progress and leave you messages on your very own message board! You can also see who your competition is for the most dollars raised (and there are PRIZES!).

Share how excited you are to compete in the FACT Oregon All Ability Tri4Youth! Be as creative as you like. Want some inspiration? Click here to check out Team Minions!

Here are the steps to set up your individual or team page:

  • Set up a FACT Oregon account
  • For teams, you can all share one account. Don’t forget to pick a team name!
  • Add a fundraising goalAdd a picture
  • Add your page content:
  • Share your story
  • Why are you participating?
  • If you are a team, share who the team members are
  • Share why FACT Oregon is important to you
  • Share why are you asking people to financially support you or your team…Example: “If I raise the most money, I can win a prize!” or “To make sure FACT Oregon can help other families like it helped mine!”
  • Share your link on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Don’t forget to email your family and friends, and make sure they come on August 12th to cheer you on!

Ready? Click Here to Create Your Page!